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  • We started our business journey by selling and retailing refurbished pinball machines locally and today, we are one of the most consistent retailers of pinball machines, pinball tables, pinball parts, pinball games, stern pinball parts and some of the most popular pinball machines such as; jersey jack pinball, star trek pinball machines, monster bash pinball, wizard of oz pinball machines, guns n roses pinball machine, star wars episode 1 pinball, Houdini pinball, walking dead pinball machines, Aerosmith pinball machine and ghostbuster pinball.
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When it comes to shipping pinball machines to our beloved clients, we carefully package these machines in order to reach the destination in a professional way. Below is how we handle deliveries of our various pinball machines;

New pinball machines

New pinball machines and arcade games are usually sealed in their originally manufactured boxes so will be secured to a pallet for shipment.

used pinball machines

Used Pinball machines or arcade games will be put on pallets and wrapped carefully in cardboard to protect the cabinets of the machines from excessive damage. The machine is then banded to the pallet to secure it from movement while en route. In regards to Pinball Machines, the balls are taken out of the machine to prevent any damage the balls could cause while loose in the machines. All balls, keys power cords, leg bolts and manuals are placed in the coin box and zip tied inside the machine. The machine is now ready to be packaged for shipment.

Shipping Quotes

Since we are on promotion, we will be shipping our pinball machines to our customers void of shipping fees. All you have to do is provide us with your nearest delivery port, full names and details of receiver, complete address and zip code and we will happy to ship your pinball machine to you just in time.Get in touch for detailed arrangements.


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