Joust Arcade Game


Joust Arcade Game

Joust Arcade Video Multi Game Machine For Sale

Joust Arcade Game

A brand new classic game machine styled to look almost exactly like the famous 1982 Williams’ Joust.

Except, this game machine features all new modern electronic and mechanical components.


  1. Features –

Fully loaded.

B-1.  22-inch LCD monitor with latest LED backlighting and IPS any viewing angle any direction technology (not a heavy obsolete CRT monitor or out-dated LCD).

B-2.  One, with possibly more, of the greatest of the Golden Age classic arcade video games.

B-3.  50 watt AC powered stereo speaker system with volume control pod and headphones jack (not just a monaural speaker).

B-4.  Built-in 1,000 joules surge protector with EMI/RFI filtering and fuse (not just a power cord and fuse).

B-5.  Universal JAMMA wiring harness (allows plug-and-play of other JAMMA game boards).

B-6.  Keyed front vault door.

B-7.  Black front, top, and back cabinet.

B-8.  Black textured edge T-molding.

B-9.  Commercial grade 16 amp arcade switching power supply.

B-10.  Commercial grade classic arcade 2-way red ball top joysticks (2).

B-11.  Commercial grade arcade style pushbuttons with commercial grade microswitches (one per player).

B-12.  Stainless steel control panel hardware (never rusts).

B-13.  Control panel overlay graphic made of virtually indestructable polycarbonate (not of easily scratched vinyl).

B-14.  All new cabinet graphics,  just as shown in the photo.

B-15.  Cabinet handmade in USA of cabinet quality materials.

B-16.  Easy and fast on-screen game navigation.

B-17.  Set up for home use freeplay.

B-18.  Modern cool LED marquee back light (not the old hot florescent tube).

B-19.  Front bottom kick plate to protect the cabinet finish from kicks and scratches.


  1. Custom Options And Upgrades –

Fully customizable.

C-1.  Change T-molding color from black (default) to a different color.

C-2.  Change joysticks ball top color from red (default) to black, or pink, or green.

C-3.  Change control button colors from yellow and blue (default) to different colors.

C-4.  Change the cabinet trim paint color from black (default) to any paint color you want (email a link to the color you want).

C-5.  Upgrade to add Robotron: 2084. Adds $75.

C-6.  Upgrade to add even more games. Ask for quote.

C-7.  Upgrade to non-functioning lighted coin-op door. Adds $125.


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