Hot Wheels Pinball machine


Hot Wheels Pinball machine


Hot Wheels Pinball machine

This game combines various elements found with Mattel’s Hot Wheels cars, and packs them all into one explosive game. First off, the license carries with it a brand recognition that spans generations, with the cars still serving as the #1 selling toy on the planet! It combines that with the popular Hot Wheels “Hero City” YouTube series to throw dinosaurs and other creatures into the mix. With this as the backdrop, the artwork stands out, and it gives players plenty to do as they make shots in the game.

Among the tasks available in the game you can: Collect Hot Wheels cars; Race against cars and climb your way up the race ladder; Build tracks & see crashes; take on “Epic Challenges;” battle Creatures in Hot Wheels City and more!

American Pinball’s Hot Wheels Features:

– Officially licensed from Mattel, featuring the most popular toy in the world

– American Pinball’s 3rd game release, following Houdini & Oktoberfest

– Brilliant colors combined with great art and RGB LEDs draws attention in any venue

– Two checkered flag flippers, two ramps, two spinners, 4 pop bumpers, two drop targets, 1 magnet, 1 ball launcher

– Sideblade art comes standard! No boring black sides

– Take on EPIC Challenges, battle evil creatures, race for 1st place, earn Hero Cars

– Lots of multiball fun with VICTORY LAP, CAR CHAOS, & TRACK multiball modes

– Graphics for game info, animations, scoring & more displayed on a 15″ HD LCD

– Vehicular digital audio package

– Many options to enjoy for operators, along with a user-friendly service menu

– Standard 2-slot coin door; DBA & card swipe ready




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