Earthshaker Pinball


Earthshaker Pinball

reconditioned pinball table!

  • Genuine earth quake rattle and roll effect
  • Reconditioned by Liberty Games technicians
  • Plenty of features & bonuses
  • 3 ball multiball feature
  • Jackpot rewards increased point scores

EARTHSHAKER – Pinball Machine

Manufacturer: Williams

Year of Release: 1989

About The Game:

Released in 1989 by the world-famous Williams designers, Earthshaker has a feature-packed playfield for maximum excitement, as well as the first-ever moving “Earth Quake” experience!

The player aims for the Zones that the Earthquake Institute has flagged as expecting the next quake, then on to The Fault to experience a Quake that will top the Richter Scale.

Game Features:

  • Earth Quake – genuine rattle and roll effect
  • Fast paced 3 ball multi-ball
  • Unique jackpot that rewards increased point values and extra ball specials

Playfield Layout:

Please note that this is a stock image which may not reflect the actual quality of the graphics

Reconditioning Process:

Earthshaker was originally released to the arcade, public house and amusement trade industry in 1989.


This process involves our technical staff fully testing all the component parts to ensure it is in fully working order as well as cleaning the machine and making any repairs that may be needed. As this is a previously used product please be aware that there will be signs of cosmetic wear evident when it is viewed.


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