Dirty Harry Pinball

Dirty Harry Pinball


Dirty Harry pinball machine is based on the fictional character of the same name. If you are a Clint Eastwood fan, this machine is a must have.


There is the top-loading reproduction .44 Magnum – this industry-first playfield component takes aim at skill shots and features, and shoots rapid-fire pinballs into the action.

Plus, two moulded mimiatures – a safe house and a warehouse – award valuable bonuses.

In the Feel Lucky mode players can go after big points or take a shot at special awards.

They’ll also break up bar room brawls, chase getaway cars, difuse letter bombs, meet the mob or stop madman Scorpio’s reign of terror.

Anyone left standing after all that action can face an all-out Crime Wave with unlimited autofeed multi-ball action!

It’s awesome pinball power – Do you feel lucky? You will with Dirty Harry pinball!

More Information

  • This pinball has been subject to a full 20 point reconditioning service by trained technicians
  • Please note some signs of wear may be apparent
  • Originally manufactured by Williams in 1995



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