Arcade Legends 3


Arcade Legends 3

Condition: New

Dimensions: 26″ W x 40″ D x 68″ H

Weight: 300 lbs

Arcade Legends 3 with over 100 games!
(including Golden Tee, Space Invaders, Centipede, & Asteroids)


Arcade Legends 3 is a full sized arcade game for the home, featuring a full sized cabinet, commercial quality arcade controls and a 26″ LCD display.


Coin-door has been permanently deactivated, Arcade Legends 3 is for home use only. Commercial use is prohibited. Specifications subject to change without notice.


Legendary arcade games authentic in every detail, including:

10-Yard-Fight™(1983, Irem)

Alpine Ski™(1982, Taito)

Anteater™(1982, Stern)

Arkanoid®(1986, Taito)

Arkanoid 2®(1988, Taito)

Armored Car™(1981, Stern)

Asteriods®(1979, Atari)

Asteroids Deluxe®(1980, Atari)

Battle Chopper™(1987, Irem)

Battle Road™(1984, Irem)

Battlezone®(1980, Atari)

Berzerk™(1980, Stern)

Black Widow™(1982, Atari)

Bubble Bobble®(1986, Taito)

Calipso™(1982, Stern)

Cameltry™(1989, Taito)

Centipede®(1980, Atari)

Chack’n Pop ™(1983, Taito)

Cheyenne™(1984, Exidy/Kauffman)

Clay Pigeon™(1986, Exidy/Kauffman)

Combat™(1985, Exidy/Kauffman )

Crack Shot™(1987, Exidy/Kauffman )

Crime City™(1989, Taito)

Crossbow™(1983, Exidy/Kauffman)

Crystal Castles®(1983, Atari)

Dragon Breed™(1989, Irem)

Elevator Action®(1983, Taito)

Fax™(1983, Exidy/Kauffman)

Final Blow™(1988, Taito)

Food Fight™(1983, Atari)

Frenzy™(1982, Stern)

Gallop™(1991, Irem)

Golden Tee Fore!®(2000-2005, Incredible Technologies)

Golden Tee Golf®(1990, Incredible Technologies)

Golden Tee Golf 2®(1992, Incredible Technologies)

Gravitar®(1982, Atari)

Great Swordsman®(1984, Taito)

Hammerin’ Harry™(1990, Irem)

Hard Hat™(1982, Exidy/Kauffman)

Hit ‘n Miss™(1982, Exidy/Kauffman)

Jungle Hunt™(1982, Taito)

Kengo™(1989, Irem)

Kung Fu Master™(1984, Irem)

Legend of Hero Tonma™(1989, Irem)

Liberator™(1982, Atari)

Liquid Kids™(1990, Taito)

Lost Tomb™(1983, Stern)

Lunar Lander®(1979, Atari)

Lunar Rescue™(1979, Taito)

Major Title™(1990, Irem)

Millipede®(1982, Atari)

Minefield™(1983, Stern)

Missle Command®(1980, Atari)

Moon Patrol™(1982, Irem)

Moon War™(1981, Stern)

Mouse Trap™(1981, Exidy/Kauffman)

Nastar(1988, Taito)

Ninja Kids™(1990, Taito)

Ninja Spirit™(1988, Irem)

Pepper II™(1982, Exidy/Kauffman )

Pirate Pete(1982, Taito)

Plotting™(1989, Taito)

Plump Pop™(1987, Taito)

Puzzle Bobble®(1994, Taito)

Qix®(1981, Taito)

Rainbow Islands™(1987, Taito)

Rainbow Islands Extra™(1988, Taito)

Rastan®(1987, Taito)

Red Baron™(1980, Atari)

Showdown™(1988, Exidy/Kauffman)

Side Trak™(1979, Exidy/Kauffman)

Space Duel™(1982, Atari)

Space Invaders®(1978, Taito)

Space Invaders DX®(1993, Taito)

Spectar™(1980, Exidy/Kauffman)

Speed Coin™(1984, Stern)

Super Breakout®(1978,Atari)

Super Qix®(1987, Taito)

Targ™(1980, Exidy/Kauffman)

Tazz Mania™(1982, Stern)

Tempest™(1980, Atari)

The New Zealand Story™(1988, Taito)

Tropical Angel™(1983, Irem)

Venture™(1981, Exidy/Kauffman)

Warlords®(1980, Atari)

Water Ski™(1983, Taito)

Who Dunit™(1988, Exidy/Kauffman)

World Class Bowling™(1997, Incredible Technologies)

X-Multiply™(1989, Irem)

Zippy Race™(1983, Irem)

Zoo Keeper™(1982, Taito)

Optional Game Pack includes the following games:

1942 (1984, Capcom)

1943: The Battle Of Midway (1987, Capcom)

Bionic Commando (1987, Capcom)

Bogey Manor (1985, Technos)

Captain Commando (1991, Capcom)

Carrier Air Wing (1990, Capcom)

The Combatribes (1990, Technos)

Double Dragon (1987, Technos/Taito)

Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone (1990, Technos)

Final Fight (1989, Capcom)

Ghosts ‘N Goblins (1985, Capcom)

Ghouls ‘N Ghosts (1988, Capcom)

Gun Smoke (1985, Capcom)

Magic Sword (1990, Capcom)

Mega Man: The Power Battle (1995, Capcom)

Section Z (1985, Capcom)

Street Fighter II (1991, Capcom)

Street Fighter II – Championship Edition (1992, Capcom)

Strider (1989, Capcom)

The King of Dragons (1991, Romstar/Capcom)




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