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Who We Are

  • At Premium Pinball machines, our ultimate motive is to ensure we sell the best pinball machines be it new pinball machines or used pinball machines.
  • ​We revamp and recondition each pinball machine to its perfect working condition to ensure our clients get the best pinball machines. We also ensure our technical team works on the pinball restoration.
  • One of our key competencies is to ensure we not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations; making sure we deliver to our customers the best pinball machines, new pinball machines/vintage pinball machines while keeping in mind absolute customer value and care.
  • Buying pinball machines and arcade games from us automatically makes your buying experience a remarkable one; and you will never be faced with a dilemma of where to buy pinball machines. Guaranteed and prolonged years of entertainment to your friends and family who may subsequently buy a pinball machine from us.
  • Premium Pinball machines is fully aware of the fact that buying used pinball machines or new pinball machines requires enormous sacrifice from the customer. Therefore, whenever a client reaches out to buy a pinball machine, we will gladly guide him/her through the buying process. We will offer free advice and guidance on the best pinball machines for your new game room to plugging it in and playing that first pinball game, to pinball repair when the machine is not properly functioning.


Dany Brookes

Dany has worked with us for over 15years now progressively building this awesome company along the way. He is a mechanical engineer by profession and has a keen eye for detail and perfection. Dany has done numerous complete pinball restores, replacing decals, shopping games and blinging machines that look way out of reach and archaic.

Maurizio Allegri

We call him the Italian genius. He is the brain behind pinball shipping and deliveries to our customers and has been very efficient in setting up the machines, leveling them out and making sure he explains to the customer the maintenance of the machines and taking them through a tutorial of the games menu’s.

Mike Dean

He is the fanatic. He is one of the founding fathers of a pinball machine club in the country. Mikey has one of the best work ethics in the whole wide world. He works harder and smarter than everyone, well not as smarter as me! Mikey is in charge of refurbishing the machines and every game he works on gets a compelling outcome. He is the master of LEDS.

Darren Gibson

Popularly known as Gibsey, he did not just walk through our door as an employee. We hired him as an intern and we realized he was just a very fast learner. We later on discovered that he had pinball machines in his house and was a big game player ever since he was a child. This spurred him into wanting to become a pinball engineer. Currently, he is in charge of shopping out machines, rebuilding flipper mechs and dropping target banks. Added to that, he is also in charge of the showroom floor, meaning he gets the machines cleaned up before shipping out to customers.

Christine Barry-Simpson

Christine has worked with us for the past 5 years and has been one of the major forces behind the rapid growth of our pinball company. She is our IT guy, builds and enhances our online presence (websites, video editing and streaming and Search Engine Optimization-SEO). She almost single-handedly built this website, all I did was explain to him exactly how I wanted it to look like and he delivered days before the deadline.


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